Investing in Rio de Janeiro foreclosures can offer quick financial returns – but for those concerned with protecting their capital, caution is required and the guidance of a qualified professional is a necessity!

At Nunes Leilões, our consulting and legal services offer you a complete roster of professional expertise to ensure that you maximize your ROI. With us at your side during the entire process, you are assured that everything is done quickly and securely.

We keep you in the loop at every stage of the process, giving you full information on the property details – including potential issues – so you can be sure you have picked a good investment. At the same time, we also present you with upcoming property auctions right here on our site at no charge, giving you a varied portfolio to choose from according to your needs.

Our comprehensive advisory service ensures that you are getting access to properties that have been exclusively selected for you based on your investment profile. Once you have selected a property, our legal team will focus on researching for potential issues such as liens, condo debts, IPTU debts, etc. If we find anything that is a red flag, we will skip that property and move on to the next until finding the best opportunity.

When the perfect property is found and our legal department gives it the green light, we will attend the foreclosure auction with you to bid on the property. With the winning bid on your side, all that is left is for our legal team to complete all necessary registrations and paperwork to fully transfer title to your name. We also ensure that the property itself is vacant. The entire process from auction to keys in hand should take on average approximately 6 to 12 months.

The property is now yours!

Once you hold the keys in your hand, our service does not stop there; should you wish to realize your capital gains and sell your property, our team of brokers are on hand to assist you with every part of the sale. Once the cycle has completed, our business is concluded – or, as so many of our clients do, you may wish to reinvest in another property.

How can we help you?

If you should have any questions regarding how to find and purchase real estate foreclosures in Rio de Janeiro at 50% of market value, we are at your disposal. Send us a message and we will contact you soon.

If you would like to purchase real estate at lower prices, contact us for more info!